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Who was the better cricketer overall-Imran Khan or Malcolm Marshall?

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Harsh Thakor, Oct 15, 2019.

Who was the better cricketer overall?Imran Khan or Mlacolm Marshall?

  1. Imran Khan

  2. Malcolm Marshall


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  1. Harsh Thakor

    Harsh Thakor Youngsta Beauty

    May 5, 2011
    Both Imran Khan and Malcolm Marshall were simply a collosus amongst cricketers .Both were equally determined and fierce revealing agression of a tiger on the cricket field field.Few fast bowling all-rounders were more impactful in their eras who virtually defined them.

    Marshall was in my opinion the more talented,creative versatile or complete pace bowler.Imran swung the ball more prodigiously and may have even been a fraction quicker but Marshall was the more deceptive bowling inswing and outswing with the same action.He disguised his delivery with the ingenuity of a magician.Arguably Imran was a better performer on the sub-continent but he also played much more cricket on flat tracks at home than Marshall.Marshall resembled the perfect bowling machine or posessed the perfect pace bowling package more than anyone with his subtle variations and mastery of the slower ball.Arguably no right arm bowler defined pace bowling bio-dynamics to the height of Marshall.Above all he stood out as a component of the greatest pace attack ever which is all the more remarkable.Neverthless it is Imran who was still the greater master of reverse swing.Marshall also had the advantage of greater support from other members of the West Indies pace attack.Arguably it was Imran who was the greater trier when the chips were down .

    No doubt Imran was the better batsmen with a better technique,more composure and sounder defence.Marshall could have been more effective in attacking strokeplay.Imran overshadowed Marshal as a batsmen in a crisis.Statistically he was a street ahead as a batsmen over Marshall.,averaging twice more and having 6 test centuries to his name.Marshall never scored a test hundred but scored some scintillating fifties all over the world.I believe that Marshall would have shaped into a genuine all-rounder and been more effective as batsmen if he played for a weaker team.

    Where Imran had a distinct edge was his contribution as a skipper with his leadership resembling that of a military commander.

    What boosts Marshall is his being a major component of what was arguably the best test team ever and being a major architect of its great wins.

    Statistically Marshall overshadowed Imran as a pace bowler.Statistically in peak era Imran may have been ahead but overall Marshall had better statsMarshal overshadowed Imran in games won with far greater percentage of scalps in tests which West Indies won .Overall Imran by a margin of 7 balls had a better strike rate and also averaged around 2 runs less.However Imran unlike Marshall captured 7 or more wickets 5 times ,including 2 5 wicket hauls.Imran also had more 5 and 10 wicket hauls.Imran's best bowling spells were marginally ahead of Marshal's best like his 8-60 v India at Karachi and 7-49 v England.Marshall also had the advantage of greater support from other members of the West Indies pace attack.

    Some experts ranked Marshal ahead of Imran in their ranking of 100 best cricketers of all time like David Gower,John Woodcock and Cristopher Martin Jenkins.However I disagree taking into account Imran's achievements as a captain and prowess as a batsmen.In an all-time X1 still I would choose Marshall to accompany Wasim,Warne and Lillee rather than Imran.Malcolm literally took the art of fast bowling to regions unexplored.Arguably Marshall as pace bowler was more effective than Imran as an all-rounder as Imran was not at his best with both bat and ball.Marshall is a strong contender for the best fast bowler of all -time.Still by a whisker it was Imran who in my view was the more impactful and better cricketer overall. Being the best all-rounder in the world from 1981-87 speaks for itself.Imran shaped Pakistan cricket more than Marshall shaped West Indian cricket and was more deserving in joining the Tendulkar's or Viv Richards.


    Malcolm Marshall's Test career Period Tests Wickets Average Strike rate 5WI/ 10WM
    Before 1983 12 34 31.88 65.2 0/ 0
    1983 onwards 69 342 19.85 44.9 22/ 4
    Career 81 376 20.94 46.7 22/ 4

    Best Test bowlers between 1983 and 1991 (Qual: 125 wickets) Bowler Tests Wickets Average Strike rate 5WI/ 10WM
    Richard Hadlee 48 262 19.64 47.4 23/ 6
    Malcolm Marshall 69 342 19.85 44.9 22/ 4
    Joel Garner 30 135 21.28 48.3 5/ 0
    Imran Khan 42 156 21.49 50.5 10/ 3


    Top bowlers in the world between 1980 and 1988 (Qual: 150 wickets) Bowler Tests Wickets Average Strike rate 5WI/ 10WM
    Imran Khan 48 236 17.77 43.6 18/ 5
    Richard Hadlee 51 284 19.03 47.0 28/ 7
    Malcolm Marshall 58 297 20.20 44.7 18/ 3
    Joel Garner 49 210 20.62 51.8 7/ 0
    Michael Holding 45 184 23.38 50.3 9/ 1
    Dennis Lillee 35 171 24.07 52.3 11/ 3

    Top allrounders between 1980 and 1988 (Qual: 1500 runs, 100 wickets) Player Tests Runs Average 100s/ 50s Wickets Average 5WI/ 10WM Diff in ave
    Imran Khan 48 2028 39.76 4/ 10 236 17.77 18/ 5 21.99
    Richard Hadlee 51 1987 31.04 2/ 10 284 19.03 28/ 7 12.01
    Ian Botham 72 3989 34.38 10/ 19 255 31.83 15/ 2 2.55
    Kapil Dev 72 3103 31.98 5/ 16 242 30.05 14/ 2 1.93
  2. Patriot

    Patriot Kaptaan

    Oct 8, 2014
    Malcolm Marshall takes this one easily

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