Shoaib Akhtar - Asset or Liability?

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Mercenary, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. Mercenary

    Mercenary The Lone Wolf

    Dec 17, 2009
    Shoaib Akhtar: Asset or Liability?

    by Abdul Habib
    18th February 2005

    Shoaib Akhtar wont be joining the Pakistani test squad for the forthcoming Indian tour. Is it a time for disappointment or a blessing in disguise for the Pakistani test side which has often been criticised as being toothless without the 100 MPH man!!

    If any cricket team were to be offered the services of a bowler who can crank it up to 100mph and seems to be able to take the wickets of Australian batsmen for fun, then most teams would jump at the chance. If you add that in test matches he has an average under 25 with an Eco of 3.4 and a SR of 44, then surely any team in the world would want him wouldn’t they?


    What if you were to add even more sweetener by mentioning that in his last 20 matches he has taken 9 five-fors and 2 ten-fors! What if you mentioned that his last 5 test matches vs Australia bagged him 20 wickets at 22 runs a piece for an economy rate of just 3.7 and at an awesome strike rate of 36 balls per wicket with 3 five-fors! These figures are versus the undisputed champions of the test arena!!

    Such an awesome performance should mean that any test team in the world would be dying to have such an exciting and devastating player in their team. Imagine England’s chances in the Ashes with this bowler in the side? Imagine him opening the bowling with Harmison and getting those vital early breakthroughs. Australia would certainly have a few sleepless nights if that were to happen but if this bowler really is so great, then why does the mere mention of his name kill everyone’s interest?

    Why is it that as soon as people hear that it’s Shoaib Akhtar you’re talking about they immediately roll their eyes? Why is it that many of his own countrymen are celebrating the fact that he won’t be part of the Indian tour?

    They say cold hard figures never lie but in Shoaibs case they don’t tell the entire story. On his day Shoaib can slice through any batting line-up as easily as a knife through butter. Australia’s first innings during both the Melbourne and the Perth tests were rocked by Shoaib and he had Australia teetering on the brink each time but a lack of good support bowling let him down both times.

    Shoaib definitely had the right to feel aggrieved at Sami and Razzaq’s lacklustre support but then shouldn’t a true match winner rise above that? Shouldn’t a true match-winner see it as a challenge rather than a hindrance? Shoaib instead spent the majority of the second innings of all 3 test matches in the dressing room instead of on the pitch!

    What irks most supporters isn’t Shoaibs off the field playboy lifestyle but it’s his lack of heart on the field. Shoaib wilts too easily, he doesn’t have the guts and stamina of a Rana (a true champion), a Sami (bowling on an internally bleeding heel), a Fazle Akbar (running in on blistered feet), a Malik (batting with split webbing) or a Razzaq (batting and bowling when he should really have been in hospital). When the heat and the pressure is on it lseems like Shoaib is off, when the going gets tough then Shoaib gets going!

    Pakistani fans are tired of seeing Shoaib relaxing in the dressing room with his feet up wearing his sunglasses and posing for the camera’s during the second innings of a test match. Thats the time when his team need him the most, thats when he should be on the field getting wickets! Over the last year his captain Inzamam as well as his coach Bob Woolmer have both expressed disappointment in Shoaib Akhtar’s attitude and questioned his commitment to Team Pakistan’s cause! It’s this lack of fight which makes people shy away from the name Shoaib Akhtar despite his incredible record especially over the last couple of years!

    So does this make Shoaib Akhtar a first innings wonder? Is there a significant difference between his first and second innings bowling performances? Does he go significantly downhill when bowling in the second innings when the true pressure is on? Not surprisingly there actually is a noticeable difference between Akhtars first and second innings bowling records but what is a surprise is that overall he bowls significantly better in the second innings than he does in the first!

    During his last 20 test matches he has taken 55 wkts for 22 runs a piece with an Eco of 3.3 and a strike rate of 40 in the first innings! But during the second innings he has taken 43 wickets for 15 runs a piece with an Eco of 3.3 and at an unbelievable strike rate of 28!! So it’s not a case of Shoaib not being able to perform in the second innings but perhaps its more a case of Shoaib lacking the fight and the fitness to drag himself out and put the in the extra effort during the second innings, especially if he truly feels he's fighting a lone battle.

    But his presence in Team Pakistan is about a lot more than his bowling performance; it’s about what the effect his presence has on the team around him. It can’t be easy for Sami, Razzaq, Rana and Kaneria to sit around comfortably knowing that the man sat next to them is the same one who has just announced to the world’s media that he feels Pakistan’s bowling attack is a one man show!

    So despite Shoaib’s impressive figures and his fearsome reputation, I’m amongst those fans who are secretly glad that he won’t be a part of Team Pakistan for this Indian tour. Win, Lose or Draw some things are bigger than cricket and if the Pakistani bowling performance during the VB series is anything to go by then a Pakistan team without Shoaib will be a team united and a united Team Pakistan are capable of giving a close fight to any team as the Aussies found out recently!

    So it’s with a little trepidation but a lot of anticipation that I await Pakistan’s upcoming tour of India, where we will discover whether a Shoaib-less Pakistani test team has the ability to take 20 Indian wickets twice and cause an upset!!
  2. sohaib-789

    sohaib-789 Emerging Player

    Mar 11, 2010
  3. Shahzad.Firdous

    Shahzad.Firdous Cornered Tiger

    May 29, 2010
    ASset no doubt. Mcgraths n Warne couldnt win Ashes 05 whereas Shoaib Akhtar destroyd Eng in Pak in 05 with 17 wkts in 3 test n also many wkts in odi series to win test series 2 Nil nearly 3 nil n odi sereis 3 / 2 agaisnt best team in teh world provin himself as teh best bowler of the wrold yet again
  4. Disco Lemonade

    Disco Lemonade Design Artist

    Dec 17, 2009
    At this age? Liability

    He is in the team because he was looking good on Geo Super!
  5. MShah

    MShah Youngsta Beauty

    Jan 21, 2010
    A fit Shoaid is for sure an asset, but what we all know that 2 years back he could bowl at most 4 overs per match and in two spells; in the begining and in the end. But now you can think of his fitness................... Definetly a LIABILITY...........
  6. BALOCH_786

    BALOCH_786 Talented

    May 5, 2010
  7. Big Daddy

    Big Daddy Emerging Player

    Dec 21, 2009
    He is a toxic asset who as per the rules of US GAAP, his utility cannot be amortized on the balance sheet therefore he should be reflected as per fair value and hence his value to the equation is 0 since negative value is undone on the rule of conservatism.
  8. Observer

    Observer Emerging Player

    Feb 27, 2010
    If handled properly from day one - before he developed a chronic disease - would have made him an asset for the PAK team. I say forget him. He can't even participate in a T20 tournament without breaking down physically. Though the biggest danger is his negative influence on the PAK team if selected.
  9. Rizzy

    Rizzy Talented

    Mar 1, 2010
    On paper this guy looks exceptional but we must consider that he hasnt represented us in tests in over 2 years and over a year in ODIs and T20s. During this break he has multiple surgeries, along with many fitness problems. He is also getting old at nearly 35 years of age. Had we handled him well in the early stages of his career he would have been a great asset and legend but now he is probably one of the biggest wasted talents around.

    At this stage he doesnt have stamina to last many games, im sure if he plays he will get a bunch of wickets in the first game ( might even get MOM) but will end up missing the rest of the games due to fitness issues.
  10. wik_rko

    wik_rko Youngsta Beauty

    Feb 16, 2010
    Copy paste...

    Did u mention that this article was copied from cricinfo???
    If some of u didnt know, it is...
    I dont mind people copy pasting good stuff... But if u mean u insult shoaib then ur jus spitting at moon...
    Since shoaib has been named for squad for upcomin series... He has been in news right away... Afridi is sayin stuff abt him lately... Everyone is discussing his everywhere... Wat is with u guys???
    Y cant u people concentrate on ur own lives??? Afridi wants him to play only t20s nd odis... Who is he to decide that if shoaib is fit nd wanting to play...
    Shoaib asset or liability???
    Sure he is an asset nd we never really realised how much he did for the country...
    Its us who put him in news, not he himself...
    He hasnt said anythng abt himself on news, its we people who speak abt him all through...
    Jus stop it nd for once try supporting him...
    You support termites like shoaib malik who fix mathces nd make our team lose...
    For once support the guy who has won over 50 test matches on his own
  11. Observer

    Observer Emerging Player

    Feb 27, 2010
    ?? Do you have a link?

    Take it easy, buddy. Once upon a time he was good, but don't bring him to the moon ;-)
  12. Mercenary

    Mercenary The Lone Wolf

    Dec 17, 2009
    I wrote this article in February of 2005. It's never been on Cricinfo. Why would you say it's been copied from Cricinfo?

    Akhtar has won 50 test matches on his own? Wow what a guy!! Do you even know how many test matches Akhtar has played?

    Akhtar has only played 46 test matches in his entire career! That's right he has played 4 less than 50 test matches!!

    From those 46 test matches, Pakistan has only ever won 20!! 5 of those victories were against Bangladesh and Zimbabawe.

    Most of those 20 victories happened before Wasim and Waqar retired! Since Akhtar took over as the main strike bowler Pakistan have won only 7 test matches against non-minnows (excl BD & Zim) with Akhtar in the team.

    Since the W's retired Pakistan have won 14 matches against non-minnows. 7 with Akhtar and 7 without Akhtar. So in short his presence has made no difference to our wins!!

    You need to check your facts before making sweeping statements like the ones above both of which are totally false. ;)
  13. Bublu Bhuyan

    Bublu Bhuyan Banned

    Feb 15, 2010
    rofl .....
  14. Dunday Baaz

    Dunday Baaz Youngsta Beauty

    Apr 19, 2010
    Shoaib Akhtar

    He is a liability. He is toxic. One to jettison immediately.

    Can somebody tell me where I can find this leaked video of players/officials testifying about other players?
  15. Disco Lemonade

    Disco Lemonade Design Artist

    Dec 17, 2009

    Seems like a liability to me.
  16. Saein

    Saein Smooth Operator

    Sep 4, 2010
    He is a two over bowler now. He can only survive in T-20 cricket and should be sent away to the dug out after bowling his overs. Can't stand him on the fielding dropping sitters and missing fours:mad:
  17. iho

    iho Smooth Operator

    Aug 7, 2010
    Shoaib is asset as long as he is match fit. Today he bowled well but didn't look match fit. The only reason for all the lapses in fielding is because he is not physically fit.
  18. iho

    iho Smooth Operator

    Aug 7, 2010
    The same is true for Razzaq and Yousuf, I mean not match fit. Remember all the teams won the T20 world cup when they relied on youngsters. T20 is demanding game where fielding can play an important role. There is not enough room to recover if you drop couple of catches or give away couple of easy boundaries. Getting runouts out of nothing or restricting 4's to 3's and 3's to 2's is T20 all about. Today's team is a step backward. We should not be afraid of loosing and trying new guys in t20 so that by next T20 world cup our team will be ready.
  19. Big Daddy

    Big Daddy Emerging Player

    Dec 21, 2009
    Gentlemen akhtar is not a bad fielder, he is a pathetic fielder. i still cant come to terms with what takes the cake more, his bipolar fits or his glass chin or for all the years of off field activities, his inability to field even one girl to the caliber that asif dated in the name of veena malik, i digress, or his dropped sitters.

    coming back to it, how many bad fielders can one afford before its one to many. its 2020, every run is gold, every quarter inch is sacred and yet these buffons cave like they are the epitome that was once sheikh chill. lets go down the list

    shahzaib. Total idiot of a fielder. claims he is 19 years old. looks 30 plus, runs as if he is 40, gives the impression that he is expecting twins in the third trimester of a complicated pregnancy.

    Mohammad Yusuf: granted he caught the ball. that was more of a prayer then a catch though. never looked like claiming it, had it not been for ramadan, he might not have clutched it. thinks diving for the ball as a boundary rider is haram. is more then happy doing escort service.

    Saeed Ajmal:is an honest trier, in his arsenal he has a genuine doosra, but it is his teesra, aka fielding ranks in the same pedigree as a frequency of arearguard from farhat and faisal iqbal with 9 wickets down 200 run partnership.

    Abdul Razzaq: for a man of his fitness, his fielding is shockingly poor. his drop in the 03 worldcup of tandu on the bowling of wasim still bites. even if we discount past that, his lazy commitment to fielding does not even need a hotspot to pinpoint. its just that evident. the ruling is, you have to play it to win it, in his case, he is just not interested in committing part of playing

    Now 5 fielders that are an abomination just cannot be hidden. which intern translates into dropped catches and match surrenders. not to say the other 6 are any better for the remainder is hosted by the cream of the akmals, the afridis, the guls , none of who qualifies as jimmy snooka suger flys by any stretch.
  20. iho

    iho Smooth Operator

    Aug 7, 2010
    Countries around the world follow simple principle of team selection i.e to introduce youngsters in T20, if they do good then move them to one dayers and if they perform well in one dayers then move them to Test matches. Teams for test matches should be as experienced as possible with couple of youngsters. Our selectors got it absolutely wrong. They selected the most inexperienced Test team and then bought all the old guns for T20.(Razzaq, Akhtar and yousuf)
  21. Omar

    Omar Cricistan Moderator

    Jan 27, 2010
    The point most of the commentators were also making after the game was that Pak has quite a few guys with their ages being over 30 - More like Yousuf and Akhtar being 35 and 36 and then you have Razzaq who's always been a liability in the field even from his earlier days aswell - Akhtar if he is, still needs to work on his overall fitness as he still goes out of breath after bowling 2 overs on you can say in the middle of his 2nd over he starts puffing away horrendously! Most probably he is a liability!
  22. Yaser

    Yaser Youngsta Beauty

    Apr 8, 2010
    His figures today were 4--1--29--1--7.25

    That's taken in to account his 2 fumbles that led to innocuous shots going to the boundary and dropping Morgan - criminal!.

    The boundaries totally changed the complexion of the match - in a game where every run counts, gifting boundaries isn't on - and he dropped the match with that joke of a fumble.
  23. shirazi_r

    shirazi_r Youngsta Beauty

    May 27, 2010
    Sure his fielding was miserable, and his bowling was for the most part average, but there's something so very nostalgic about watching that steroid pumped chest bounce and that ever thinning hair flop. I can't say I didn't miss those beady black eyes, and and that 80s fast bowler aggression. Welcome back Shoaib, welcome back.
  24. Don Quixote

    Don Quixote Whispering Death

    Nov 13, 2015
    Time flies. He is retired now.
  25. Fireworks11

    Fireworks11 Kaptaan

    Sep 22, 2012

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