These are the people who help bring this website to you.

Abdul Basit is an aspiring writer , a patriotic Pakistani, and a huge cricket fan. He is also a massive football fan, and has a keen interest in regional geopolitics

He is currently doing his B.E at NUST.
Habib conducts player interviews and writes articles for Cricistan.
Abdullah occasionally writes articles for Cricistan
The author is a medical student and an avid fan of Pakistan cricket.
Hafsa occasionally writes articles for Cricistan
Hassam writes with a statistical bent and also helps run the Cricistan Virtual Leagues too.
Ibrahim is a seasoned writer on cricket and has written several articles for Cricistan.
Mohammed Akhtar is a passionate cricket fan who has followed Pakistan around the world mainly through dodgy streams on a computer screen.
Mohammed Sabbar occasionally writes articles for Cricistan.
An attachment to Pakistan like no other.
Bilal writes interesting stats articles for Cricistan.
Munna puts his talent of making up stuff to good use for writing boring articles and reports on Cricistan, though he once won the Most Cheerful Poster of Cricistan award.
Following Pakistan Cricket for more than 3 decades. Seen the highs & lows of a rollercoaster ride known as Pakistan Cricket team.
Shah Rukh is one of the earliest members of Cricistan and also an avid user of cricket forums. He occasionally writes articles and blogs regarding cricket. He is also a club cricketer at amateur level
The writer is a lawyer by profession and qualification and freelance journalist as well and a regular contributor with articles and comments at Cricistan.
Shazan is an admin at Cricistan who also conducts the occasional interview
Zain has a very distinctive writing style full of interesting quotations.