Why is Salman Butt slandering Mohammad Amir?

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Cover Drive, Jun 30, 2012.

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    Cover Drive

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    Methinks he is doing this because he knows ONLY Amir can revive his career and start playing cricket soon among the trio so why not destruct his road?

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    because he is a shameless idiot!
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    Because amir spoke against butt in the interview...

    I like what asif is doing. He is playing smart
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    You are right about why he is doing, what he is doing. We as a Pakistani strongly believe in "Hum tou dobain hain sanam, tum ko bhi lai doobain gain"
    I don't have any sympathy for Amir or any cheater! As long as they are kept away from the team, Pakistan Cricket will become interesting again!
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    Because Amir is still playing the innocent young guy who made a mistake card, both to dumb Pakistani cricket fans and rest of international cricketing community despite being a crooked dishonest cheat who knew exactly what he was doing all along in his playing days.
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    That applies equally to Amir and Salman did raise a few valid points about Amir. He was definetly a very willing participant lol
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    i have sympathy for all 3 when Shoaib Akhtar and Shane Warne, Mark Waugh can get away with drug bans why cant these guys get away with fixing? they have served their terms and been out of cricket for 2 yrs its enuff now they should be back no more punishment
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    spot on...people judging the trio based on 'talent' rather than the truth.
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    @Bouncer it's actually more the non-Pakistanis who tend to believe Aamer's sob story

    I've basically got over it but I think Butt is being scapegoated for Aamer's deeds, each of them is responsible for their own acts
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    Its because non Pakistanis have a much much higher moral values than Pakistanis, its their morals that amir is trying to cash into his favor. They truly believe that at amir's age someone can be 'influenced' to act the way he did, what they are generously overly estimating is the real moral values of amir & what moral/ethical values that Pakistani society and culture is truly about.

    I have never overly liked butt as batsman, there was always just something fishy about him and I am not talking about his inabilities as an opening batsman. But I think if he exposes the real amir - then that would be butt's service to pak cricket.
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    Because Amir admitted his mistake/guilt and Butt is still claiming innocent. Obvioulsy one of them is saying the truth and based on evidence its Butt who seems to be driving on the wrong side of the road.