Top 10 all time heroes of Pakistan Cricket

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by iho, Sep 7, 2010.

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    Whom do you guys rate the top ten all time heroes of Pakistan Cricket. When I say heroes I'm going to exclude those who brought disgrace to the country. Here is my list.

    1. Imran Khan
    2. Javed Miandad
    3. Hanif Mohammad
    4. Inzamamul Haq
    5. Saeed Anwer
    6. Zaheer Abbas
    7. Abdul Qadir
    8. Mohammad Yousuf
    9. Fazal Mahmood
    10. Younis Khan
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    I would certainly add two names to your list above.

    Kardar, 1st Pakistan captain who beat every country in a test during its 1st series againt the giant like England, Australia and West Indies. Then, from what I have read... he was one of the best PCB chairman in 1970s.

    Asif Iqbal, true gentleman and nickname "man of crisis". Nine of his 11 hunderds came ouside Asia.
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    Surprised that both Waqar and Wasim are not on the list, they may have been involved in match fixing and corruption but I think they were some of the reasons for us having a production line of fast bowlers and they also helped put Pakistani cricket on the world stage. What also seems unusual is that Pakistan has always been a nation thats been more renowned for its bowling talent but from the above list only 3 bowlers are present. (seems unusual but I agree that them guys deserve to be on the list)

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