Pak player Shoaib Malik plays in India, BCCI in dark

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Sir John, Jun 12, 2012.

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    Sir John

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    The Pakistan cricketers haven't been allowed to play in the cash-rich Indian Premier League for the last four years (barring Azhar Mahmood who is a British passport holder) but former Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik's participation in a Delhi club tournament has raised quite a few questions.

    Matters have been complicated since the Delhi & Districts Cricket Association (DDCA) haven't informed about Malik's participation for Hargopal CC against Sporting Club in the Lala Raghubir Hot Weather (40-over) one day tournament. Malik played one match for Hargopal CC on June 5 at the Modern School (Barakhamba Road) ground and scored 26 runs. He arrived on morning of June 5 having played a Twenty20 match against Sri Lanka, the previous night.

    "This is news to us that Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik has played in a DDCA affiliated tournament. We haven't received any prior intimation from the state association that a foreign cricketer is playing in an Indian club level tournament. The BCCI has already made it a rule that no foreign cricketer is allowed in any domestic tournament (barring IPL)," a senior BCCI official said today on conditions of anonymity.

    When DDCA secretary S K Bansal was contacted, he seemed ignorant about the BCCI diktat.

    "We never had an idea that we need to seek BCCI permission for Malik's inclusion in Lala Raghubir Trophy. In fact, he played in another tournament in Delhi last year and there was no permission was sought then," DDCA secretary S K Bansal explained.

    The rule of not allowing any foreign players in local leagues and invitation tournaments came into effect from last three years.

    Incidentally, before the BCCI diktat Sri Lankan pacer Chaminda Vaas played for Mohun Bagan in CAB's JC Mukherjee T20 tournament in 2009 while Bangaldesh spinner Mohammed Rafique played for Kalighat in an A N Ghosh Trophy final against Sporting Union in 2008.
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    Aunty Virus

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    Looks like a club tournament, who ca ca cares?
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    'on condition of anonymity'

    We all know a certain website who would be proud of that statement!'s just some low level club league and it doesn't really matter but if it has irked BCCI then it's worth it!
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    Cover Drive

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    Okay, so BCCI you'll give him hefty fine then?

    Okay please do that, we don't need that rubbish anyways ;D
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    Well Malik can apply for an Indian Passport can't he. He was nearly retired and he could play in the Ranji Trophy. Ultimately this would also help to offset the criticism of Bal Thackery on Sania Mirza regarding her inability to find an Indian to marry. After all he is their damaad and he should be Indian headache and not ours.
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    Oh I hope they don't! more trouble for us then, he'l find his way back into the team just to repay his fine and torture us some more.
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    I dont think India allows dual nationality, at least it didnt used to.
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    Cover Drive

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    It still doesn't.

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    The bigger question that everyone seems to be overlooking is this:

    What the hell kind of name is "Lala Raghubir Hot Weather (40-over) one day tournament" for a God dam tournament.
    I was fine with Lala Raghubir part we all know uncles that like their names a bit too much but what in the name of baby jesus is "Hot Weather" doing in the name .

    Are they informing people it will be hot while the game happens ?
    Is it a product they are hawking ?
    What kind of product name is hot weather if that is indeed the case ?
    Why does 40 over and one day tournament needs to be mentioned in the name ?
    Who the hell plays a 40 over game in more then a day ?
    And if there are people doing it is it really something we consider normal ?
    Why is no one bothered by this situation ?
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    They cant be bothered doing an FAQ page.
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    Hey who cares about dual nationality. I don't think we have any problems if he forgoes his Pakistani nationality and become a Pukka Indian. I have no problems with him reciting Saraay Jahan se acha..
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