CONGRATULATIONS-ROHULLAH NIKPAI who wins Afghanistan's first medal in London Olympics

Discussion in 'Sportistan' started by Strength Is Life, Aug 10, 2012.

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    Initially I thought of posting this in the Official Olympics thread but I sincerely felt from the bottom of my heart that this deserved a separate thread on its own simply based on the impact that it has created on sports fans like me.

    ROHULLAH NIKPAI the 25 year old from Afghanistan has won the first Olympic medal (bronze) for his country in this London edition in Taekwondo. This is his second medal for Afghanistan and I am simply happy for him and his great and feisty nation.

    It is embedded in my nature to support the underdogs and given the current physical/political/ground realities in Afghanistan this is simply great news. I congratulate Afghan nation supporters and more importantly anyone who is enthused by the success of an athlete coming from a country besieged by constant warfare. This is a colossal achievement and it has generated universal applause and genuine warmth. This achievement truly showcases the power of human spirit belying all obstacles and win.

    Well done Rohullah, you are a great credit and an advertisement to your country and an inspiration to individuals who seek to succeed despite severe shortcomings.

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    Sir John

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    congrats afghan :cool:
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    Congrats to him and Afghanistan :)
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